My system has been PROVEN to help riders of all skill levels even if they think they are not fit enough or TALENTED enough.

Certified Biomechanics Instructor

Teaching techniques backed by neuroscience

Teaching a PROVEN curriculum with set milestones

PROVEN system that helps any rider

Instruction for ages 5 to 100

Learn to ride in balance & harmony


Amy has a very gentle and effective approach to teaching riding. My daughter has been riding with Amy the past 3 years, and I have seen my daughter improve her balance and her confidence in the saddle. All the horses at Amy's farm are well cared for and well trained.

Ellen Elam

There’s no CONNECTION like the one you will make with a horse. We are here to help young people to adults LEARN to ride and care for horses, and experience the unique bond between horses and humans. We can help you whether you want to just ride for fun & learn to connect with a horse or if you have ASPIRATIONS of showing to the highest levels. There is something for EVERYONE!

Our programs are founded on a belief that a rider develops BEST when they are taught in an environment where they receive a great deal of personalized attention and the exercises can be CUSTOMIZED to their skill development and goals. As such, we offer lessons in a private, semi-private & group setting to MAXIMIZE the coaching they each receive.

We are proud to offer Horse Sense & International Society of Rider Biomechanics lesson curriculums We ENCOURAGE our students to participate in these wonderful educational programs.

Our coaches ENSURE both parents and riders get regular feedback on the PROGRESS of each student. Riders may also choose to participate in clinics, camp, horse shows, and other events if they desire to.

The STARS Riding Academy provides all levels of riders the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel in a FUN and SAFE environment. We are the ONLY facility in the area that offers the Kid-Safe Program!


You rode horses as a kid & now that you're an adult you were so excited to get back into horseback riding again... or so you

THOUGHT! You started taking lessons again over the past year & you feel so

DISAPPOINTED. What you once thought was very easy as a child now seems to be incredibly DIFFICULT. Not only are you having trouble getting your body to do what you want it to do, but you are leaving your lessons CONFUSED & FRUSTRATED!

You've been STUCK at the same level now for several months. You can barely canter without feeling like you might fall off. Your lessons seem to be on repeat with the only things your instructor really says, "Heels down, more leg, half halt." You don't receive any detailed instructions or FEEDBACK.

You are starting to think that you're not a

TALENTED enough rider or fit enough for riding. You start to think about maybe giving up on riding & pursuing something else, yet you LOVE being around the horses. You keep telling yourself that you would never really do that because your are so

OBSESSED with horses.


My teaching system has been PROVEN to help riders of all skill levels, any fitness level & whether they have a natural TALENT or not. You do not have to be super talented to become the CONFIDENT & secure rider that you dream of becoming!

Whether this is a child or adult starting out learning how to ride or have several years of experience riding, our CURRICULUM-BASED program not only gets AMAZING results, but is also a lot of FUN to learn! This one one thing that TRULY sets our lesson program apart!

You can progress through the levels on

ANY horse. Yes, the horse you have right now! There's no need to sell your horse that you LOVE & get a more expensive horse. Don't own a horse? That's ok! We have a wonderful group of SAFE lesson horses available. I can teach you how to become more CONFIDENT

& learn to ride with more tact & find the true

HARMONY that you have always dreamed of when riding.

No more FRUSTRATION. No more CONFUSION. My system is EASY to follow &

SIMPLE to implement. You will wish you had found me much sooner, but that's ok. I am here now & READY to help you become the

CONFIDENT & SECURE rider that you have always DREAMED of becoming!


We have listed answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Riding Academy. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

What ages do you teach?

We teach ages 4- 100! We can work with you if you have never even seen a horse in real life or you are a more experienced rider. Children ages 4-8 will be enrolled in our Rainbow Riders program that will give them all the knowledge and hands-on experience that will enable them to start riding independently in lessons & gain confidence around horses.

What type of lessons do you teach & how long are lessons?

We teach private 30 minutes lessons, 45 minute semi-private lessons or 1 hour group lessons. Lessoning with others helps build a wonderful comraderie & develop friendships at the barn.

Do I need to own a horse?

No. It's no problem if you do not own a horse. We have a wonderful group of safe lesson horses for all levels of riders. We also provide all their equipment.

Can I bring my own horse?

Yes, you may haul your own horse in for lessons. Current negative Coggins & vaccinations within 6 months.

How do I book lessons?

We operate our lessons on a quarterly basis. We have found that with the high demand for riding lessons as well as the obscene expenses & financial commitments required to be able to offer this program to you that it makes things much easier to plan for when we have commitments from students. This also gives us plenty of notice so that we are able to pull from out waitlist of riders. It is extremely difficult to plan and fill empty spots without notice. Our lesson horses deserve only the best, and this helps us make sure that they have everything that they need so they can be their best for you!

Winter Semester: January 1- March 31, 2024

Spring Semester: April 1- June 30, 2024

Summer Semester: July 1- September 30, 2024

Fall Semester: October 1- December 31, 2024

Students will be committed to the entire semester. You can be billed quarterly or monthly. The card on file will be auto-charged at the beginning of the quarter or month. You will have the same lesson time every week.

What do I need to wear to my lesson?

For English:

You will need to wear english type riding boots. You may have tall boots or paddock boots with half chaps. Boots need to have a 1/2" heel and smooth sole. You may wear riding breeches. Leggings are ok to wear if you do not have riding breeches. Riding gloves are highly recommended. Try to avoid any loose fitting clothing. Long hair will need to be secured in a hair tie. We do have helmets available for use if you do not have your own helmet.

For Western:

You can wear a western style boot with a 1/2 inch heel. The boot needs to have a smooth sole. Jeans or any type of pants that are comfortable for you are ok. Try to avoid loose-fitting clothing. Long hair will need to be secured with a hair tie. We do have helmets available for use if you do not own a helmet.


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Learn how to turn even the hottest horse into a happy & relaxed horse

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