create a happy & relaxed horse working in PURE HARMONY

with my PROVEN system

25 + years professional equine experience

Key-note speaker & clinician

Lifelong student of the horse

Certified Instructor

I LOVE helping people & horses!

You don't have to be TALENTED, fit or have an expensive horse. You don't have to have the most EXPENSIVE saddle. Come as you are & I can HELP you no matter the circumstances.

I have since developed my own PROVEN SYSTEM by taking what works.... and throwing out what clearly didn't! I have broken everything down & made it EASY to implement & MAINTAIN FOR LIFE!

I strive to create a FUN & POSITIVE learning environment so you can finally start to achieve the skill & HARMONY that you've been wanting to have for YEARS!

How is working with me different?

For over 25 years I have HELPED riders find HAPPINESS & true CONNECTION with their horse by using my PROVEN training system.

If you leave your lessons FRUSTRATED & confused, feeling like you aren't getting it, or think that you aren't TALENTED or FIT enough to be a good rider, I would LOVE to help you!



I will never get my hot horse to be a calm & relaxed partner.


I feel like am stagnant in my lessons & my riding. I haven't made any progress in a long time.


I'm not fit enough or strong enough to fix my position.


My horse isn't talented enough.


I always feel like I'm going to fall off.


I'm so bad I don't want anyone at the barn to watch me ride.


No matter what bit or equipment I use I still can't fix my horse.


I'll never have enough money to be a great rider.

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Do you leave your lessons CONFUSED & FRUSTRATED? Do you have a hard time UNDERSTANDING what your instructor is trying to tell you? Are they constantly nagging you or overly NEGATIVE? Are they able to give you clear answers when you ask for them to break it down for you more or explain it differently?

Have you been told that your horse isn't FANCY enough & that he would never amount to anything? I have a PROVEN system that WORKS no matter your skill level or natural talent, if you have a $500 kill pen pony with 1 eye or an $80,000 warmblood. My system is easy to follow & has GUARANTEED results!

no more confusion & frustration.

If I handed you a bunch of ingredients & told you to bake a chocolate cake without any additional information could you do it? How do you think the cake would LOOK & taste?

The crazy thing is that this is what MOST riding instructors do! They just yell out all these terms that they have heard yelled at them for years without the UNDERSTANDING & without the eye & TIMING to even know when it should be implemented or even know what the end result should LOOK like.

I strive to keep lessons POSITIVE & FUN! I am able to break down even the most complicated movements to the point where anyone could UNDERSTAND & perform the exercise.

I have a deep understanding of riding theory, biomechanics & learning styles. Most instructors only know how to teach 1 type of learning type. I teach to all learning types ALL the time so that you will have a true UNDERSTANDING.

There is also so much ASSUMED knowledge with riding & there are not that many instructors who are truly able to verbalize what REALLY is happening during certain movements or why we ride them. There is also so many riding MYTHS that I am able to BUST by utilizing our testing methods.


Learn how to achieve relaxation from the hottest horse

Learn how to keep your horse from spooking

Learn about the system I use to create a calm & relaxed horse

The first thing you need to do when you begin your ride


The level of instruction is unique and exceptional for all levels of experience. Amy is an excellent instructor, focusing on balance and overall safety. My daughter said she had a lot of fun! Amy was successful in overcoming the anxiety that my daughter was feeling and can't wait for the next lesson.


Kimberly Gardenhire-Scarborough

If you want a no-nonsense trainer who will push you to your full potential, Amy is the one to use. She uses correct training methods that develop both horse and rider. No gimmicks or shortcuts, just quality instruction.


Heather Fowler

I met Amy through her participation in the 2016 Rally for the Rescues Trainer Challenge, and we have stayed in touch over these years. She takes excellent care of all horses in her care and she is kind, fair, and gentle in her training practices. She is one of a small handful of trainers that I would allow to ride my personal horses. As a fellow trainer, that says a lot! Her passion for natural horsemanship combined with her ambitions to rehab and retrain rescued horses makes for a well-rounded horsewoman


Hilda Keller

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