force free/fear free training for all breeds & all disciplines.

My PROVEN training system will create a relaxed & happy horse that ENJOYS their work.

It doesn't matter if you are a PLEASURE rider or have aspirations of SHOWING.

All breeds & disciplines welcome

Classical dressage base for all horses

No shortcuts or training gadgets

Creates a safe horse in any situation

Ethical training practices

Truly listens to the horse



I want my horse to come up to me in the field.


I want to be able to ride my horse in the open & still be in control.


I want my horse to be calm & relaxed.


I am tired of my horse spooking at random things.


I want to be able to go to a show and not have to worry about how my horse will behave.


I want to move up the levels while still having fun.


I want to be successful at shows with the horse I have.


I want my horse to be trained with compassion & understanding so that they will be a true partner.


You love your horse, but it has become so DIFFICULT riding because your horse seems to IGNORE you & keeps looking for things to spook at. It's become so FRUSTRATING & you are WORRIED that something will happen, so you don't really even ride anymore.

You've tried different bits, all sorts of training GADGETS, advice from friends, or maybe the teenager down the road who says they are a trainer, only to have the problem get WORSE & not BETTER!

You begin to feel GUILTY not riding your horse & you aren't sure what else to do, You longe your horse regularly in HOPES of finding a solution, only to create ANOTHER issue. You've made your horse VERY fit. Too FIT for you to ride.

You really feel STUCK, FRUSTRATED & don't know WHAT TO DO! You LOVE your horse & don't want to SELL them & GIVE UP.


Our training system has PROVEN time & time again to create confident & relaxed horses who are HAPPY to work no matter their breed or discipline. Our system has even changed the most DOMINANT & RESISTANT horses & turn them into a true PARTNER.

Our training approach is GENTLE & puts the horse in control of their timeline of learning. We use FORCE FREE/FEAR FREE techniques that help to develop curiosity & a play drive. This is what will help your horse to start to feel more COMFORTABLE & calm within theirselves. They will learn to THINK before they react.

Our training approaches will work no matter their level of training or if they have behavioral issues. It doesn't matter if you want to ride for FUN or if you are someone who wants to SHOW & move up the levels. You will have a horse that will be HAPPY to learn & look forward to their work.

Frequently asked questions

We have listed answers to our most commonly asked questions about training. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

How long does my horse need to stay in training?

It all depends on the horse & the situation. It is very important not to rush any part of the training process. I let the horse set the pace on all training sessions & what we do. For starting horses under saddle, I typically recommend no less than 90 days.

If your horse is experienced and only needs a tune-up & fitness to get back into regular work, 30 days is typically ok.

If we are having to work through any sort of behavioral or performance issues, there is really not a set timeline. This would be on a case by case basis. This is something I can let you know after scheduling a consultation with me.

What age do you start horses under saddle?

Groundwork (not longeing) can be started at any age, and is recommended as soon as possible so that your horse is safe & easy to handle. I do not start horses under saddle until ages 3 & up. There are some horses I will not start at 3 years old. This all depends on how their body has matured.

I train to build the horse up & not break them down. My recommendation to you is if you are concerned about when to start your horse, have your veterinarian take X-Rays of their joints & they can advise you.

Can I visit my horse while they are in training?

Of course you can! We are open daily from 7am-9pm.

Will you work with me & my horse together?

Yes! I believe this is a very important key to success so you can not only maintain their training, but keep progressing. If you are not very experienced we do ask for you to be patient with this process as we first need to make sure everything will be safe to start having you work with your horse.

We want all your interactions to be positive ones so that we can build your confidence & also have your horse build confidence towards you as well.

Do I need to bring any tack, equipment or feed?

If you have safe tack that fits, please send it with your horse. We will check for saddle fit to make sure your equipment is comfortable for your horse. If any changes need to be made we will advise you. We do have plenty of our own equipment also.

It is recommended that you provide your horse's feed since they will be with us short term. We might give you some suggestions if anything needs to be changed to provide better nutrition with the increased work load.


Learn how to create relaxation from the hottest horse

The very 1st thing you need to do to achieve relaxation

How to start your ride to guarantee relaxation

How to keep your horse relaxed & focused on you


Amy is the best trainer I have seen in a very long time. She is always learning & trying to find better and kinder methods that are always fair to the horse. I don't know many people who can restart & retrain a fresh off the track Thoroughbred to where they are slow enough & quiet enough for an 8 year old child to ride! Any horse Amy works with will be happy, confident & look forward to their work.


Kelly Banks

Amy worked with one of my horses that had been deemed 'dangerous' by the rescue she came from, which was unknown to me when we adopted her. After a bad fall, which luckily was not any worse, I found Amy & contacted her for help. I am so glad that I did! The work Amy has done with Lula is amazing beyond words. This is a horse that trusts no one.

After Lula's session with Amy she laid down flat in the field for a few hours. This horse had never laid down before that. Lula had some major breakthroughs from the work Amy did with her. Amy truly is a natural & has a super-power! A true horse whisperer!


Nahanni Johnstone

Amy's training techniques are very gentle & she looks to the horse to set the pace of training. Her sessions are fun and no pressure is put on the horse. Amy's methods of training bring out the playful & curiosity of the horses. I have seen 'dangerous' & disconnected horses become sweet & playful partners that are happy to work. I've seen Amy work with all types of horses from starting under saddle to retraining horses that rear up & flip over. Her knowledge, skills & techniques are the absolute best. Look at the horses she has trained & they will tell you everything you need to know.


Elizabeth Anderson

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