Many people ask me who I follow with my training methods. No one, really. I was working in natural horsemanship before the term was coined and before these celebrity trainers came about. I learned about training, behavior, and psychology from many sources. One of which was a Native American horseman. A cowboy once told me my best teacher would be a bucket in the middle of the field. I've spent countless hours since the time I was a child watching, observing & learning.

I was fortunate enough to attend MTSU where I could really study theory, behavior and training practices in depth, as well as put them to use on a wide variety of horses. Every horse is different and requires a different approach. It's very important to have a variety of methods and techniques (tools in your toolbox). I recently competed in a trainer challenge/makeover event called the Rally for the Rescues Trainer's Challenge. I was one of 11 trainers selected to participate in the event.

I closely follow the classical development of horses by using the training pyramid. I combine these methods with "natural" methods. I take what works and I have my own unique style and philosophy. I place a lot of emphasis on energy and relationship between horse and human. I like to say, "Be as gentle as possible, but as firm as necessary." Horses are never forced into movements. I do not use any gadgets or shortcuts. Horses are not worked repetitively or drilled relentlessly. I don't work within deadlines or time constraints. Some horses will come along quicker and easier than others. I also work with the owner to help build a relationship between them and their horse so that they have a truly beautiful and understanding partnership.

If you have any training needs, I would love to talk to you. I am able to start horses correctly and gently, put on the finishing touches, repair broken relationships or issues resulting from incorrect training, and teach you to become a better partner for your horse. I currently have openings available for full board with training, and I will work with all breeds & disciplines. References available.

  • Full training with board (5 days/week) $1,000/month

  • Individual training sessions $50


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