You can become a confident rider with a secure & balanced position

My system has been PROVEN to help riders of all skill levels even if they think they are not fit enough or TALENTED enough

Certified Biomechanics Instructor

Classically based techniques

Teaching techniques backed by neuroscience

PROVEN system that helps any rider

Frame by frame biomechanical analysis

LIVE Virtual Lesson

Schedule a LIVE virtual training session with instant feedback & corrections. We can teach to anyone in the world with internet access. We are able to work on Zoom or Pivo platforms. You will need a camera person or a tripod & bluetooth earbuds that will pick up from a long distance.

Virtual Lesson with Feedback

Submit a video of your riding & we will send you back our feedback. You can send in video of you riding, or even of a training session with your horse if you are stuck on teaching things like ground manner & ground work.

Frame by Frame Biomechanical Analysis with Feedback

Submit a video of your riding & we will send you back a biomechanical assessment of your position as well as recommendations to help improve your position & exercises to help practice & improve muscle memory.

Become a confident rider with a strong & stable position

Bring awareness to your position so that riding becomes easier.

Learn simple fixes to change your riding position & maintain it easily for LIFE

Learn easy & fun methods to learn more complicated movements


Learn how to create relaxation from the hottest horse

The very 1st thing you need to do to achieve relaxation

How to start your ride to guarantee relaxation

How to keep your horse relaxed & focused on you

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