You can become a confident rider with a secure & balanced position

My system has been PROVEN to help riders of all skill levels even if they think they are not fit enough or TALENTED enough

Certified Biomechanics Instructor

Classically based techniques

Teaching techniques backed by neuroscience

PROVEN system that helps any rider

Focused on the adult amateur rider

Learn to ride in balance & harmony


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Learn how to create relaxation from the hottest horse

The very 1st thing you need to do to achieve relaxation

How to start your ride to guarantee relaxation

How to keep your horse relaxed & focused on you


Amy is the best trainer I have seen in a very long time. She is always learning & trying to find better and kinder methods that are always fair to the horse. I don't know many people who can restart & retrain a fresh off the track Thoroughbred to where they are slow enough & quiet enough for an 8 year old child to ride! Any horse Amy works with will be happy, confident & look forward to their work.


Kelly Banks

Amy worked with one of my horses that had been deemed 'dangerous' by the rescue she came from, which was unknown to me when we adopted her. After a bad fall, which luckily was not any worse, I found Amy & contacted her for help. I am so glad that I did! The work Amy has done with Lula is amazing beyond words. This is a horse that trusts no one.

After Lula's session with Amy she laid down flat in the field for a few hours. This horse had never laid down before that. Lula had some major breakthroughs from the work Amy did with her. Amy truly is a natural & has a super-power! A true horse whisperer!


Nahanni Johnstone

Amy's training techniques are very gentle & she looks to the horse to set the pace of training. Her sessions are fun and no pressure is put on the horse. Amy's methods of training bring out the playful & curiosity of the horses. I have seen 'dangerous' & disconnected horses become sweet & playful partners that are happy to work. I've seen Amy work with all types of horses from starting under saddle to retraining horses that rear up & flip over. Her knowledge, skills & techniques are the absolute best. Look at the horses she has trained & they will tell you everything you need to know.


Elizabeth Anderson

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