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Training Breakthrough with a Killpen Rescue

I had a HUGE breakthrough with Mr. Darcy today. He was brought to me from a Texas killpen. Rescue horses, especially those from a killpen, can be some of the toughest horses to train and rehabilitate. They have so many emotional issues and can be very defensive to the point of being aggressive, like this guy was. It was fear aggression.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what a horse like this would end up like in the wrong hands, like with someone who has outdated and rough cowboy-like methods.

I listened to Mr. Darcy and let him slowly process and work through his emotional and trust issues. I’ve been working on his body to get healthy, and we have done some bodywork and energy work.

Today. Today was a great day where he was truly relaxed and let his guard down. He really let me in today and showed me that he trusts me. We worked through exercises calmly with a controlled energy. This is where the magic happens. He is now making his transformation. We should be riding very soon now.

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