Biomechanics Clinic at Ascada Arabians

I taught a biomechanics clinic at Ascada Arabians. The clinic was organized by Lori Simmons. We had riders and horses of all levels. I worked work each pair privately. No matter what their level and experience was, I did position and balance testing on everyone. Even my more experienced riders had position weaknesses I was able to address and correct through our session.

Our body greatly influences how our horse moves and performs. If we can fix ourselves, we can almost always fix whatever issue is going on with our horse. Even the tiniest changes that people wouldn't think would make a difference make a HUGE difference. I was able to teach each rider tools to help them improve their riding. You can get more out of your horse by DOING LESS!

Everyone saw HUGE improvements from each pair from the beginning to the end of each session. I had such a wonderful time working with everyone during the clinic. I love helping horses and humans learn to communicate better. Horses don't want to be micromanaged and will perform better and be happier by doing less. I also teach people how to practice lateral movements by breaking them down and simplifying them. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with everyone, and I am looking forward to the next clinic.

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