Lainey Ashker Clinic Report

Lainey Ashker Clinic Report... The Training & Riding Academy of Chattanooga (TRAC) hosted a 2 day clinic with 4* eventer, Lainey Ashker, on November 12-13, 2016 in the North Georgia area. This was a big treat for riders of Area 3. The event was hosted in a large indoor arena so that weather would not be an issue. Riders came in from Chattanooga, Middle Tennessee, Knoxville, and the Atlanta area for this special opportunity. There were riders from starter all the way up to an Advanced 3* horse & rider pair.  

On day 1 all the groups worked on accuracy and gridwork. Lainey worked with everyone on establishing an elastic connection and making sure all the horses were moving forward. The quality of turns was a huge emphasis. Square your turns! Lainey pushed all the riders very hard and asked them tough, but fair questions that encouraged very active riding. Lainey has an exuberant and energetic coaching style and utilizes a lot of sports psychology to help riders overcome any fears, worries and insecurities. She is great at getting through rider's mental blocks. Lainey expects perfection and she wants to see you try. She emphasized a good solid position and how important a strong core is. All horse and rider pairs showed wonderful improvement through their sessions. Day 2 was technical coursework. All horses and riders warmed up over a grid and worked on squaring their turns before starting coursework. Lainey emphasized jumping with a soft contact and not throwing the horse away. Jumping like this gives the horse confidence and also keeps you communicating clearly. It also helps the rider gain control immediately upon landing off a fence. She wanted everyone's positions to be as though they could halt before the jumps. She did not want people to get too forward. She pushed everyone hard, and even the ponies were expected to make the 12' strides. Rollbacks, skinnies, skinny bounces, big and wide oxers and triple bars were on the coursework. Everyone worked so hard and did an amazing job. Everyone left the clinic with more tools in their toolbox and more confidence. Lunch was provided both days by Gladys Faulkner & Kim Card. They made a delicious Brunswick Stew. Lainey was available during lunch for Q & A.

Please stay tuned for more upcoming clinics & events. We will be bringing Lainey Ashker back to the area for 2017. You can find more information at  

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