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Rider Biomechanics

What are rider biomechanics? The term biomechanics refers to the way our muscles, bones and joints work together as we move. When applied to riding it is particularly concerned with how the rider uses their posture and balance to ride. Rider Biomechanics is applicable to all disciplines and at all levels, from the most novice rider to the most competent equestrian, from the absolute beginner to those competing at the highest levels. It works for dressage, jumping, eventing, vaulting & western pleasure. Whether you are a recreational trail rider, an endurance rider or regularly competing; whether you ride English or Western – Rider Biomechanics can help you and your horse!

Rider Biomechanics makes complicated ideas simple and answers age-old questions. We all remember being told that our thumbs should be on top and our heels be our lowest point (FEI Rules – Article 418) but most of us don’t know WHY!


Rider Biomechanics is different – I not only tell you why, I can demonstrate it, too. Unless you have seen this actually proven, it’s virtually impossible to believe that the rotation of a wrist from thumb on top to thumb horizontal can really result in such a dramatic loss of balance – for you and your horse – and great balance and confidence go hand in hand. 

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