We can help your horse learn to become RELAXED with our PROVEN system no matter how HOT your horse is!

Do you have a HOT horse that REFUSES to relax?

Does your horse seem to SPOOK at everything?

Do you WISH you could enjoy shows & trail rides with your friends?

Are you constantly WORRIED that you will fall off?

Have you tried a lot of different methods yet NOTHING seems to work?

I Understand...


You bought a young horse to work with thinking that it would much easier to train than it actually is. You have never had experience around a completely untrained horse & now you realize that you are in over your head.


You are unsure of how to create a training plan that develops your horse in a way that keeps your horse happy, relaxed & looking forward to their work. All you have is an energetic & spooky dragon. You don't even know where to begin.


You don't know how to read your horse & unknowingly push your horse to do too much too soon or work on too many things during a training session, which overwhelm your horse. This leaves you feeling like a failure & frustrated.


Everything seems to work at home, but when you go away to a show everything completely falls apart. You want to be able to enjoy trail riding with friends & going to horse shows without worrying about what might happen.


Does it feel like no matter what you do you just CAN'T seem to get your horse to RELAX & enjoy their work? Does it seem like your horse can't even remember what you just TAUGHT them?

Is your horse anxious & tense? Is your horse HOT & you feel like this is just how your horse is & they can't change? Is your horse SPOOKY? Have they developed a bolting, rearing or bucking problem?


No matter your horse's age, breed or riding discipline we can help your horse become a happy & RELAXED horse who not only will perform BETTER, but will also look forward to their work.

We have a PROVEN system that can help any horse no matter if they are anxious, a bolter, have developed bucking or rearing problems or more. Our system has helped many riders & their horses achieve SUCCESS & enjoy riding again.

OUR process


Focus on rebuilding the trust & relationship between you & your horse. Many times this means going back to groundwork & filling in a lot of missing foundational elements that will help the horse along their journey.


Learn the core foundational elements that will set yourself & your horse up for success both on the ground & in the saddle. Mastering these foundational elements are the true key to success whether you are riding for pleasure or wanting to compete.


Learn methods to help you problem solve any issue that will work every time without having to result in using any gadgets, harsh methods or quick fixes. Learn the proper biomechanics & the systematic approaches that will guarantee success.


Learn how to create & implement a training plan that will not only develop & improve your horse, but also create a happy, relaxed & willing partner for life!

enjoy riding your horse again

develop confidence in all outcomes

have a happy & relaxed horse

improve your scores & times


Learn how to to keep your horse from spooking

Learn how to turn even the hottest horse into a happy & relaxed horse

Learn our proven system to create relaxation

Learn the very first thing you need to do to create relaxation

Finally enjoy riding your horse & quit missing out on trail rides & shows.


Amy is truly a unicorn of an instructor! I started seeing improvements in my riding and confidence after my first lesson with her. The atmosphere she creates at her barn is one that feels warm, and it’s obvious right away just what a labor of love this is for her. I would recommend Amy and her barn 10 times over!!


Angela Bennett

It doesn’t get any better! The care, concern, and professionalism are exemplary. Amy is an extremely talented trainer who intuitively knows what both you and your horse need. I can’t say enough positive things about them!


Claire Ward

My best friend and I made a 4-hour round trip for a Western Dressage lesson with Amy. I've been riding and competing for 40 years and teaching riding for 30 years. I left my lesson with 5 exercises that significantly improved my ride. Two years later, I had to part with a very beloved mare who I hadn't been able to finish training. I only ever considered trusting Amy with her. Buttons not only received top-notch care and training, but she also ended up in the perfect home.


Tanya Aimanovich

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