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Custom Foals/ In-Utero Foals

 Breed your dream horse! 

Custom WARMBLOOD Foals 

This is a great option for buyers, who are on a budget, but want a well bred warmblood from proven lines....yet at a fraction of the cost! This is also a great option for those who don’t have the facility for foaling, or for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of breeding, foaling and raising. Another reason this is an option chosen over others, is we allow the opportunity to pay the foal off between 6-18 months. 

There is a live foal guarantee. If the mare loses the foal, or something happens, we will repeat the breeding, or you could transfer payments to something else we have.

You will get to select one of our top warmblood broodmares. Mares available range from many different disciplines and bloodlines. Then choose the stallion you would like that offers shipped semen (fresh or frozen). We will handle the rest.

We have a very careful nutrition program on the farm. The proper feed and supplement choice for the mare during the pregnancy period will result in a healthier foal. As well as the proper nutrition for the foal, to support healthy bones, and to prevent  future soundness issues. Since the health of the mare and the foal plus that of future foals are contingent on making sure the pregnant mare consumes enough nutrients to maintain body weight and support the needs of the fetus. 



A lot more goes into the daily care of the mare and foal, than your average person would think. We make sure that everything is documented from the time of insemination, to the time the foal leaves the property. Including treatments, feed changes, farrier visits, etc. You will be provided with all records, at that time. 


Your Foal Will Be Able To:

  • Lead 

  • Cross Tie and Tie

  • Stand for farrier

  • Bathe

  • Clip

  • Load

What this includes 

  • Board for foal until weaning. 

  • Coordinate with stallion owner, manage the insemination.

  • Handle all ultrasounds/vet checks (vaccines/de-wormer, etc.)

  • Maintain the mare, keep the mare on a proper diet, and proper supplements needed for a mare in foal.

  • Spend countless hours on "foal watch" 

  • Assist in the foaling, and work with vet if there are any issues.

  • Watch and monitoring of the foal, after foaling. 

  • Set up a proper nutrition program for the foal, including any needed supplements. 

  • Handle the daily training and the weaning of the foal.

  • Prepare the foal for inspection (includes the prep of mare/foal, handler at inspection, and braider) 

  • Breed registration (of buyers choice) 

  • Provide professional photos and video 


When the foal is ready to wean (4-6 months old) you can choose to arrange for transportation of your foal, or choose to continue boarding/training on farm until your ready!  You are also allowed to visit at any time! 


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