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Quirina AV

Welcome to the World, Quirina AV!

April 27, 20233 min read

Welcome to the world, Quirina AV!

She truly is my miracle baby! She was breech & I was unable to get them to UT for a cesarean due to not having a towing vehicle at the time and not being able to find any help. This has been a horrible year for me & while I was on the phone with the vet I said… I can do nothing and lose them both or I can try and I still might lose them both, but I would rather try and fail than just completely give up. With all my years as a vet tech & a Paramedic I thought maybe just maybe I could have a chance.

Quirina AV- Pinto Westphalen filly by Locutus AV

It just so happens that my character trait that annoys most people is really my best trait in situations like this… which is why I was so good when I was a paramedic. I am stubborn as hell!!! I don’t give up!!!

Somehow I was able to flip Rina. Not turn but actually somersault her. Thank goodness for my long arms & me not caring about how disgusting I got that night. I won’t even tell you all the things that ended up down my shirt and bra. I didn’t even care.

Quirina AV- Pinto Westphalen filly by Locutus AV

I was on speakerphone with the vet the entire time & I know I said probably some of the worst things ever that would probably even make a Navy captain blush. I was very thankful to be able to have my friend Megan help me by handling Twister. I am sure this traumatized her a bit also.

After I somersaulted her Twister refused to push. She completely gave up. I had to also pull Rina all the way out! This whole ordeal took about 40 minutes. Once I finally got her fetlocks out and saw the front of her nose I saw the dreaded red bag. (You can see in her newborn pic the evidence of the red bag) In the process of somersaulting her I must have torn the placenta. When you see this you only have 2 minutes to get them out & you usually end up having to resuscitate them. Not even a minute after I yelled I had a red bag the vet pulled up in front of my barn. He ran in like a super hero with the OB chains and I helped him chain her fetlocks. He asked if I thought the foal was alive. I said the foal has been sucking on my hand the entire time and my hand hurts from the suckling. It took all his strength to get her out. As soon as she presented enough I cut open the red bag with the knife from my emergency OB kit I made. It was insanely overwhelming because once I cut open the sac I could see that the foal looked just like Roxy…. My best girl & the foal’s granddam. I started crying.

Quirina AV- Pinto Westphalen filly by Locutus AV

Somehow miraculously she and Twister both survived. I did end up having to bottle feed her the first 3 meals. Thank goodness I had my emergency kit and I am also thankful for all my experience & training. It sure was a traumatic event though.

It was a Q year for naming fillies. Quirina means warrior in Spanish…. I thought that was appropriate for her!

Rina is absolutely perfect in every way! She will be a very special girl & will do amazing things!

Quirina AV- Pinto Westphalen filly by Locutus AV

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