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The basics are EVERYTHING!

The Basics are EVERYTHING!

August 24, 20231 min read

Have you reached a point in your riding where things just aren’t working like they should? You just aren’t progressing and your horse isn’t either? This means that there are some holes in the foundation of your training. So many riders and trainers skip over the very important fundamentals to get to the fun & exciting stuff like lateral work and jumping. You might be ok for awhile and then you will start having issues.

If your training is not built on a good solid foundation that progresses properly through the steps then everything will start to fall apart. When the fundamentals are there, anything else you do will be much easier.

Solid basics are very important!

Have you been stuck in 1st level dressage or have issues when the jumps get over 2’9”?

I have found that even with advanced riders that come to me they have not had many of these basics installed. Lately I have been working with all riders on correct use of aids and timing of the aids. We have some that have gone back to work on rhythm, as so many issues can be addressed at this very first stage of training.

If you are looking to improve yourself or your horse and take your riding to the NEXT LEVEL, please contact us! We have the skills, education and experience to help you achieve your goals!

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