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Amy Vanner teaching a clinic at Southern Equine Expo- Lateral Work Made Easy

Southern Equine Expo- Lateral Work Made Easy

March 19, 20231 min read

These lovely western dressage ladies & their adorable horses braved the super cold weather this morning… complete with snow flurries… to ride with me in my clinic, Lateral Work Made Easy. In my usual no nonsense & easy to understand way of teaching, I worked with them on shoulder in, travers & halfpass. I taught them how to do this without shoving the horse over or kicking with their leg. This creates a happier horse that is much more willing to work!

Lateral Work Made Easy with Amy Vanner

We also worked on rhythm, regularity, and how to work through issues when you are riding a hot & anxious horse. I shared some of my top secret tips for training regularity in a FUN way, my secret weapon to improve the canter/lope and also my secret for training flying changes.

I was actually surprised I had so many people in the stands this morning because of how cold it was (19 degrees!!!!). I am thankful for the opportunity to share my methods with everyone.

Amy Vanner teaching a lateral work clinic, but first.... it's all about the BASE!

Everyone was able to see how doing less was able to get MORE from the horse, and the horse was happier with the way they were asked. That’s what it’s all about! (I apologize for the poor quality pictures.... these are from a video. Unfortunately I was not able to have my own photographer there.)

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Adorable Haflinger mare in Amy Vanner's Lateral Work Made Easy clinic at Southern Equine Expo

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