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 Additional Services

These additional services are available to you. Services may be added at any time, and will be included on your invoice the following month. 


Clients who board their horses with us will receive discounts on hauling and coaching at shows. 

Coaching at Rated/Recognized Shows

$100.00/ day plus expenses


$1.75 per loaded mile, $1.25 per unloaded mile, $75.00 minimum charge

Coaching at Schooling Shows

$50.00/ day plus expenses

Alfalfa Hay

$20.00/ bale

Private turnout


Training Rides


Tack & Untack


Friesian Hair Care (per month)


Hoof Care (Daily)


Groom & Bathe


Clean tack (per horse)


Clean & strip bridle


Face & Ear Clip


Mane Pull


Body Clip

175.00 (or more depending on clip)



Walk/Hold Horse


Wound/Leg Care


Administer Medications


Intravenous Injection


IM injection


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