About Us

Amy has over 20 years of professional equestrian experience. She graduated with a BS in Equine Science from MTSU. She has trained and studied domestically and internationally with many top-level trainers. Amy is a certified Level II biomechanics instructor. She is constantly attending clinics and seminars to always improve her knowledge so that she can pass it down to her students.


Amy worked as an apprentice for many years under Grand Prix level trainers before starting her own training business. She has spent many years studying various training techniques before developing her own unique training system that is force free and fear free. 


Amy focuses on the development of horses by using psychology-based approaches with classical and natural principles. Horses are developed carefully through the German training scale. Amy works on building and improving relationships, foundational training, young horse development, behavioral issues and biomechanics. Amy's system has proven results.


Amy is the current President of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics. She trains and certifies instructors around the world, as well as helps to improve the riding and communication between horses and humans around the world.


 Amy works with all breeds and most disciplines.